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  • Operator Obligations

    Important information and legal requirements
    for handling refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems

    Group 9

    F-Gas Regulation

    according to Regulation (EC) No 517/2014 and 1005/2009

    The F-gas Regulation has been in force since 1 January 2015 with the aim of avoiding emissions of F-gases. F-gases contribute significantly to the greenhouse effect.

    The aim of the regulation is to prevent unintentional release of fluorinated greenhouse gases.
    This regulation also affects all operators of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, heat pumps, etc.

    Undertakings carrying out the installation, maintenance, repair or decommissioning of equipment containing F-gases must be certified and take precautionary measures to prevent the escape of F-gases (Article 10, paragraphs 6 and 7).

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    You can find further information on the subject of maintenance and repair, plant optimisation here.

    If you require a leak test or are interested in our maintenance service, please contact us using our inquiry form.

    Legally required inspections of your refrigeration system

    Based on the F-Gas Regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 517/2014 and 1005/2009 of the European Parliament), the operator of refrigeration systems must carry out the following leak tests:

    • Refrigerant charge: CO2 equivalent > 5t
      Annual control (if leakage monitoring system is available: every two years)
    • Refrigerant charge: CO2 equivalent 50 – 500t
      semi-annual check (if leakage monitoring system is available: annually)
    • Refrigerant charge: CO2 equivalent > 500t
      quarterly check (if leakage detection system is available: semi-annually)

    The installation of commercial refrigeration systems is now only permitted by certified personnel.

    The operator of the system must keep the records of the leakage inspections for at least five years.

    Any leaks detected must be repaired immediately.

    One month after the repair, the elimination of the leakage must be checked again by certified personnel.

    Our services

    • Leak tests
    • Repair or replacement
      of leaking installations
    • Test book and test seal
    • Maintenance contract

    From 2020, refrigerants with a GWP value of > 2500 may no longer be used in new systems.

    A strict ban on refilling the refrigerant HCFC R22 has been in place since 2015.

    The operator of the refrigeration system therefore has two options:

    • Replace the refrigerant
    • Replace the complete system

    Your benefits

    • long-term savings due to lower energy consumption
    • Grants from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) possible

    Our services

    • Retrofitting of refrigeration systems
    • Austausch von Kältemittel
    • Checking and maintaining your refrigeration system for functionality and operational safety in accordance with Section 22 of the Refrigeration Ordinance
    Global Warming Potential (GWP) values

    The GWP value stands for the global warming or greenhouse potential of a substance in relation to CO2 (CO2 equivalent). This value describes the relative effect of the refrigerant on global warming – usually related to a period of about 100 years. The higher the value, the more detrimental the refrigerant is to the greenhouse effect.

    GPW values of commonly used refrigerants:
    R134a = GWP 1.430 | R404A* = GWP 3.922 | R407C = GWP 1.774
    R407F = GWP 1.825 | R449A = GWP 1.282 | R410A = GWP 2.088
    R422D = GWP 2.729 | R32 = GWP 675 | R1234yf = GWP 4

    *no longer permitted for new installations


    Obligation to keep records – Inspection book – 5 year minimum retention period

    Operators of refrigeration systems must keep an inspection book for each system. This must be kept for at least 5 years and produced on request to the competent authority (See on page 2 under Article 6, Record keeping).

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