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  • Water as a data carrier via DeltaQS

    Complete process monitoring and high process stability

    DeltaQS: Your monitoring system for cooling circuit data

    Integration and consideration of previously invisible parameters in the cooling circuit

    Water is a cooling medium and information carrier at the same time. It is worth taking a closer look here, because the cooling circuit parameters have a direct effect on the processing or product quality.

    The monitoring of the cooling circuit data prevents a process-technical partial blind flight. This is given as soon as an essential part of the process cannot be monitored.

    Data acquisition with DeltaQS

    The DELTATHERM® monitoring system DeltaQS is available as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated directly into the cooler.

    DeltaQS measures volume flow, temperature and pressure of the cooling medium.

    All data are shown on the display and thus allow a more precise control of the cooling circuit.

    What process information does water provide, among other things?

    Real(time) cooling capacity:

    • Automatic calculation of the cooling capacity from the
      available parameters of the cooling circuit data

    Warning about leakage or other malfunction:

    • A sudden increase in the flow volume and/or a sudden drop in
      pressure in the circuit indicates a leakage
    • Increase in pressure in the cooling circuit can be caused by a kinked
      hose or by contamination in the feed system

    Undersized recirculating chiller:

    • If the actual temperature is permanently above the target temperature,
      this indicates that the recirculating chiller is undersized.

    High process stability with DeltaQS

    Control, Monitoring, Evaluation and Documentation

    The data is read out via analogue or bus interface, such as Profibus, Profinet or Ethernet.

    For further information processing it is advantageous to implement the DeltaQS parameters into the control systems of the production plants in order to be able to process them for the production process, for the purpose of control, monitoring, evaluation and documentation.

    Advantages of DeltaQS
    Monitoring system for cooling circuit data

    • Data transfer via analogue signals or bus interface possible, such
      as Profibus, Profinet or Ethernet
    • Integration of the data into the control system of machine manufacturers for further processing – for control and documentation
    • Further processing of the data during the entire process with
      implementation in the machine control
    • The measuring points are freely configurable
    • Enables output of fault messages
    • Seamless monitoring & documentation of the processes
    • Efficient analysis and fault localisation/diagnosis
    • DeltaQS can be connected to any cooler
    • DeltaQS can also be operated with DELTATHERM®-heat exchanger

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