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    DELTATHERM® cooling systems, chillers, industrial coolers, temperature control units, heating systems in the power ranges from 1 kW to 500 kW

    Rental refrigeration. First rent then buy..

    Financial flexibility: depending on budget and needs – without large acquisition costs

    We rent out to you: Cooling systems, chillers, temperature control units, heating systems.

    Depending on availability in the power ranges: from 1 kW to 500 kW

    • You have an acute emergency: machine standstill or failure?
    • Do you need a temporary remedy or replacement: conversion, maintenance, bridging longer delivery times or for test purposes?
    • Do you have seasonal additional cooling requirements?

    Then rental refrigeration is the solution: fast and inexpensive – without large acquisition costs.

    Renting a chiller or a temperature control unit allows you to react quickly and according to your needs.

    Exchanging devices
    Depending on your requirements, you also have the option to exchange the device during the rental period.

    Additional services
    On request, we will be happy to take over any maintenance and leakage checks that may be required during a longer rental period.

    Financial flexibility
    Rent first. Then buy. Depending on your budget and needs. You have the option of hire purchase or leasing at any time.

    The rental period is unlimited. For a rental quote, simply use our rental inquiry form.
    Please tell us the start and end of the rental period and which power you need at which inlet temperature.

    Comfort machine leasing
    – easy, convenient, secure

    Invest without or with minimal capital expenditure. Increase your financial margins by preserving your equity.

    Save taxes:
    Expedite the tax-deductibility of your investments. Keep in mind: Lease payments are fully deductible in Germany as operating expenses.

    Reliable calculation:
    You determine the amount of lease payments. This offers you a clear planning foundation, simplifying your calculation.

    Neutral balancing:
    Lease expenditures are balance-neutral. The ratio of equity to borrowed capital remains unchanged, optimising the debt-equity ratio of your company balance sheet.

    Please feel free to request your non-binding Leasing offer here.

    Rental/Leasing inquiry

    Personal data

    Details of the rental / leasing request

    Your message / additional information
    # for medium oil, please include technical data sheet
    Upload photo or drawing / document (jpg., png., gif., pdf. You can upload multiple files, up to a total of 5 MB)

    You can find more information on data protection here
    Quick contact

    E-Mail: info@deltatherm.de
    E-Mail: service@deltatherm.de
    Phone: 0049 2245 6107 0

    Here you can find us

    Gewerbegebiet Bövingen 122
    53804 Much, Germany

    You can reach us from
    Monday to Thursday
    from 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
    from 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.


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