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  • EU Ecodesign Directive | Eco-Design

    according to EC Regulation EU 2016/2281 | EU 2015/1095

    What does the Ecodesign Directive say?

    What is it good for?

    The Ecodesign Directive regulates the environmentally sound design of energy-related products in order to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. It specifies a prescribed annual work coefficient (AWC) or the SEPR value (Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio). This value describes the ratio of the input drive energy to the generated heating or cooling energy. All CE-marked products covered by this Regulation must comply with the specified values. DELTATHERM® process cooling and temperature control are partially subject to EU 2016/2281 and EU 2015/1095 regulations.

    Further information on the regulations can be found here:
    (EU) 2015/1095 | (EU) 2016/2281

    Our systems meet and exceed these specifications.

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