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  • WT Series –

    heat exchanger systems

    Cooling capacity from 0.2 kW to 1,500 kW

    for cooling and temperature control of liquid media

    DELTATHERM® heat exchanger systems consist of a heat exchanger, a tank with circulation pump and a precise control system. They are used as a compact liquid-water cooling system for cooling and lubricating oil circuits. Optionally, the DELTATHERM® ACC precision control enables a temperature stability in the process circuit of up to +/- 0.1K.

    Individually configurable and expandable according to customer specifications.

    Circulating media

    Water     Emulsion      Oil

    Flow temperature range

    0 – 90 °C

    Heat exchanger systems: precise cooling with simultaneously low heat emission to the environment

    A heat exchanger makes use of unused heat energy. This means that the surplus energy can be used economically and in a resource-saving way for other processes.

    The process heat to be dissipated no longer heats up the production hall unintentionally, but rather
    is discharged to the outside or further used in heat recovery systems.

    Thanks to its high flexibility and quality, DELTATHERM® offers many possibilities to reduce production costs
    and still ensure highly efficient cooling.

    Quality and performance features of DELTATHERM® WT systems

    • Customer-specific design
    • Cooling capacity from 0.2 to 1500 kW
    • Optional precision control with +/- 0.1K
    • High pressure pumps
    • Bus interfaces such as Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet etc.
    • Complete stainless steel circuit
    • With external tank also available without tank
    • Also available in LT, LTK and RKV housings

    ACC precision control

    The temperature control system developed by DELTATHERM® ensures a highly accurate temperature control, independent of the available cooling water temperature. This minimises fresh water consumption and water treatment costs.

    The pump delivers the cooled operating medium (water, water/glycol, oil) from the tank through the component to be cooled.

    There it absorbs the heat and flows back to the heat exchanger system, where it is recooled by the existing cooling water. This is possible up to approx. 1K above the cooling water provided.

    Cooling that uses cooling tower water, surface water, or well water is often problematic, because this water is rich in oxygen and is full of minerals and particles that destroy cooling equipment in production, laboratory, and research facilities due to corrosion or clog them with deposits.

    DELTATHERM®-heat exchanger systems do not allow such problems to arise in the first place.

    A heat exchanger separates the primary circuit (to the systems to be cooled) from the secondary circuit (contaminated water).

    Media other than water (acid, alkali, oil, DI water, etc.) can also be cooled in this way.
    • Low heat emission to the environment
    • Lower noise emission
    • Avoidance of corrosion and contamination
    • Constant process temperature even with fluctuating external water temperature
    • Cost and energy saving
    • Increase in economic efficiency
    • Conserving resources

    • Liquid-cooled drives: motor spindle, torque motors, servo motors, linear motors
    • Inverter cooling
    • Gear cooling: bearing cooling, tool cooling
    • Liquid-cooled machines: lasers, machine tools, X-ray machines, plastics machines

    DELTATHERM® heat exchanger systems are as variable as all our products thanks to a multitude of options.

    Options include a redundant pump, advance warning of impending water shortage, emergency cooling, special voltage and much more.

    If you need help or have further questions, we will be happy to help you. Feel free to send us a message via the above direct inquiry.

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    Our standard industrial coolers are also available both from stock and as reconditioned used units. We are constantly expanding the range of our used machinery market.

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