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    Quality Made in Germany

    Your requirements – our individual solutions

    DELTATHERM® offers a well thought-out modular concept with a wide range of options that leaves almost no customer wish unfulfilled – both in the low and high performance range.

    Thanks to the experience we have gained since 1971 in the development and manufacture of industrial refrigeration, cooling and temperature control systems for a wide range of industrial applications, we know exactly what matters in process cooling.

    From planning to commissioning –
    Everything from one source

    • Standard systems
    • Special / OEM-Solutions
    • System solutions
    • Single and series devices

    Innovative solutions in numerous industrial sectors. Worldwide.

    More than 200 cooling and temperature control systems

    Standard systems and custom designs.

    Cooling equipment, systems and components with capacities from 200 watts to 15,000 megawatts, temperature control equipment and heating / cooling equipment, heat exchanger systems

    Cooling capacities from

    Ambient temperatures from

    Medium temperatures from

    0.2 kW to 15,000 kW

    – 35 °C to + 60 °C

    – 80 °C to + 300 °C

    DELTATHERM® system provider:
    Concept – Planning – Sales – Implementation – Service

    50 years of expertise

    Thanks to our 50 years of experience and our expertise in the development and manufacture of application-specific refrigeration and temperature control solutions for your application, we are at your side from planning through to commissioning.


    Made in Germany. We have been working with renowned manufacturers and reliable partners for many years.

    Consistent quality management ensures the highest product quality and availability – even after decades.


    Thanks to our innovations, we have managed to maximise the energy efficiency of our chillers.

    We reduce your operating costs to the bare minimum. Our systems also keep your maintenance and servicing costs low.

    High flexibility

    We’ll take care of you. We build the plant for your application. To ensure that our customers get exactly the machine they need, the products are available with a wide variety of options and accessories.

    The configuration options cover the refrigeration, media and electrical system parts.

    Energy efficiency

    Since load fluctuations occur constantly in industrial processes, the boundary conditions for our machines change permanently.

    We manage the balancing act between optimum energy efficiency and temperature constancy in the medium. This helps you reduce CO2 emissions and avoid excessive energy costs. Ask for our ACC precision control.


    Whether it’s our ACC precision control, variable speed motors, compound controls, high efficiency condensers, electronic expansion valves, digital remote maintenance, we are with you in the development of your machine.

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