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  • LE / WT Series 19″ rack units

    Rack chiller as water recirculating chiller or heat exchanger unit/system

    Specially designed as rack chiller for laser cooling with a temperature constancy of up to ± 0.1 K

    Ultra compact air- or water-cooled recirculating chillers and heat exchangers in 19″ rack mount enclosure for controlled laser cooling. For all existing laser systems as standard as well as special devices.

    19″ rack units are the optimal solution for very compact process cooling in the smallest of spaces while maintaining high temperature stability.

    LE Series recirculating chillers in 19″ rack

    Cooling capacity from 300 W to 3000 W

    Compressor-driven air or water-cooled 19″ compact refrigeration unit for rack mounting or as a built-in unit. For the media water and DI water. In the air-cooled standard version ready for operation and fully equipped. Individually adaptable through option package.

    WT19 Series heat exchangers in 19” rack

    Cooling capacity from 200 W to 10000 W

    Compact refrigeration unit as heat exchanger unit in 19″ rack housing. Suitable for the media water and DI water. In the air-cooled standard version ready for operation and fully equipped. Individually adaptable through option package.

    Quality and performance features of DELTATHERM® 19″ rack units


    For cooling lasers, optics and electronics as well as other applications such as electric drives

    • In air or water cooled version
    • Available as active cooler or heat exchanger system
    • Temperature stability up to +/- 1 K (optional)
    • Automatic power adjustment
    • Electronic temperature controller with digital setpoint and actual value display
    • Maintenance-friendly arrangement of all components
    • 19″ construction group in galvanised sheet steel
    • Wired ready for connection, with all switching, control and monitoring devices
    • All variants are also suitable for DI water (optional)
    • Durable and powerful
    • Variable and customisable

    The 19″ rack units are individually configurable for customer specific requirements such as special voltages, frequencies, stepless power adjustment, interfaces, water-cooled version etc.

    Main application areas of DELTATHERM® 19″ rack units

    DELTATHERM® compact refrigeration units of the LE and WT 19″ series are used wherever very limited space is available or where existing units are already equipped with a configuration for rack mounting.

    In laser cutting and welding, the Rack Chillers are used, among other things, for laser coating and marking, laser beam hardening as well as brazing, spot welding and roll seam welding by laser.

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