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  • Accessories for industrial cooling and temperature control systems

    DELTATHERM®- data logger

    Secure data recording

    Temperature range from 0 °C to +150 °C
    Paperless recorder for water temperature control systems – tamper-proof recording of temperature, volume flow and pressure.

    With the DELTATHERM® data logger data (3 to 18 measuring inputs are possible internally) can be visualised as measured value curves, as bar graph or alphanumerically in process pictures. Powerful PC programs are available for the evaluation of archived data and the configuration of the DELTATHERM® data logger.

    DELTATHERM®- interfaces

    Data communication

    Interfaces to processing machines of signals and process variables

    • Digital interfaces: Profibus, CANbus, MODbus, Ethernet, Profinet and others
    • Analog interfaces: analogue 0 – 10 V, analogue 4 – 20 mA and others

    DELTATHERM®- distributor bar

    Water distributor

    DELTATHERM® offers
    different types of distribution bars as a standard

    • 6-way water distributor up to 95 °C with one balancing valve per circuit, gunmetal/brass version
    • 8-way water distributor up to 95 °C with one balancing valve per circuit, made of gunmetal/brass
    • 12-way water distributor up to 95 °C with one balancing valve per circuit, made of gunmetal/brass
    • 6-/8-/12-way water distributor up to 110 °C with one balancing valve per circuit
    • 6-/8-/12-way oil distributor up to 200 °C with one balancing slide for each circuit

    • Water inlet 1 1/4" IT (for 80 l/min)
    • 6 water outlets with gate valve and balancing valve in 1/2" IT
    • Balancing valve has a flow indicator (mechanical) and is easy to adjust via a screw
    • Flow range per circuit 4 – 15 l/min
    • Pressure max. 10 bar


    Cleaning and descaling

    Decalcification and cleaning of closed temperature control circuits; designed for operation with diluted citric acid or ascorbic acid

    • Very suitable for descaling pipes, hot water tanks and heat exchangers
    • Chemically resistant design for clean, rational working without dismantling system parts
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