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  • RKH Series industrial coolers

    Cooling capacity 150 kW to 5,000 kW

    Compact cooling units and refrigeration systems for the large capacity range

    The air- or water-cooled industrial cooling systems of the DELATHERM® RKH Series consist of the components refrigerant circuit, water circuit and electrical engineering.

    The basic version is equipped ready for connection and operation, in air-cooled design for frost-free indoor installation.

    Individually configurable and expandable according to customer specifications.

    Circulating media

    Wasser     Emulsion      Oil

    Flow temperature range

    10 – 40 °C

    Tailor-made cooling solutions to meet your needs

    The DELTATHERM® performance portfolio includes all custom designs of the RKH Series: designed for your specific application and tailored to the most different requirements and purposes.

    Thanks to extensive equipment options, such as special voltages and frequencies, winter regulation, stepless power adjustment, water filters, multi-circuit systems, interface connection and much more, we can realize even the most demanding specifications and expectations.

    Quality and performance features of RKH industrial recooling systems

    • High precision control
    • Automatic power adjustment
    • Standard temperature stability +/- 1 K
    • Stable profile frame construction
    • Service friendly arrangement of all components
    • Eco-friendly and energy-saving compact unit
    • Highly efficient low-vibration and low-noise compressor
    • Condenser and evaporator adapted to the application
    • Completely factory assembled refrigeration circuit with all necessary refrigeration and safety components as well as with complete oil and refrigerant charge (CFC-free)
    • Cold water circuit with large tank, water circulating pump, water replenishment facility and all connection lines
    • Complete electrical control cabinet with all necessary control and monitoring equipment,
      completely wired with digital temperature controller
    • Each device undergoes a performance test at the factory

    Main areas of application:

    The areas of application for RKH industrial coolers are as varied as there are sectors and branches of industry.

    DELTATHERM® RKH industrial coolers are used in plastics processing, resistance welding technology, for cooling hydraulic presses, compressors, Trichloroethene (Tri), Tetrachloroethene (Per) cleaning systems, laboratory and test systems, electroplating baths, paint baths, X-ray systems,
    in laser technology, for cooling industrial equipment, drilling and cutting emulsions, machine tools, in the chemical industry and many others.

    • Outdoor installation
    • Air filter mat
    • Centrifugal fans
    • Split version
    • Noise-reduced design
    • Water cooled condensers
    • Multiple circuit system
    • Special evaporator made of stainless steel
    • Heat recovery with stainless steel boiler
    • Water circuit made of stainless steel or PVC for deionized water
    • Closed water circuit with diaphragm expansion vessel
    • Water flow meter
    • Enlarged circulation pump
    • Ball shut-off valves at the water inlet and outlet
    • Frost protection thermostat
    • Winter control for low ambient temperatures
    • Tank heating for‭ ‬tempering‬‬‬
    • Bus connection, e.g. Profibus DP
    • Single fault indication (in plain text display or as bit technology)
    • Stepless power regulation
    • Flow monitor with analogue or digital signal
    • Limit temperature monitoring
    • Temperature difference regulation
    • External temperature sensor
    • Control cabinet heating, control cabinet fan
    • Refrigerant high and low pressure gauge

    Heat recovery: Save energy and protect the environment.

    Use surplus heat from your production processes for heat recovery to protect the environment and your bottom line. Via heat converters, the released waste heat of a low-temperature heating system can be fed directly or via heat pumps to any other heating circuit. Read more here.

    If you need help or have further questions, we will be happy to help you. Feel free to send us a message via the above direct inquiry.

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    Main applications

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