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  • LT(K) Series industrial coolers

    Cooling capacity 1 kW to 7.5 kW

    Compact refrigeration units and industrial refrigeration systems for the small capacity range

    The industrial cooling systems of the LT Series consist of the components refrigerant circuit, water circuit and electrical engineering – completely installed in one housing.

    The basic version is equipped ready for connection and operation, in air-cooled design for frost-free indoor installation.

    Individually configurable and expandable according to customer specifications.

    Circulating media

    Water     Emulsion      Oil

    Flow temperature range

    10 – 40 °C

    Quality and performance features of LT(K) recooling systems

    Efficiency in the smallest space

    • Wide range of options due to flexible modular principle
    • Individual and application-specific configuration optimised for a wide range of customer requirements, e.g. special voltages, higher ambient temperatures, multi-circuit system, interface connection, etc.
    • Smooth integration into the production layout due to smallest dimensions and individual colour selection
    • Available as stand-alone or built-in unit
    • High precision control
    • Automatic power adjustment
    • Standard temperature stability +/- 1 K
    • Flexible control and temperature precision through ACC control possible on request
    • Also available as continuous-flow cooler or passive cooling system (heat exchanger)

    Main applications: Laser, welding and tooling technology, cooling of lathes, milling, grinding and eroding machines, cooling of spindles, machine beds and electronics, etc.

    • Compact device tested by us in-house, in test run lasting several hours
    • Compact industrial housing for indoor installation
    • Device standing on wheels (LT 4.5 LC - LT 6.5 LC)
    • Painted in RAL 7012
    • Air-cooled condenser with copper pipes and aluminium lamellae, extremely efficient
    • Axial fan, extremely low-noise and maintenance-free, with contact protection
    • CFC-free coolant
    • Hermetic compressor, 100 % suction gas-cooled
    • Evaporator as a plate heat exchanger or pipe coil heat exchanger
    • Thermostatic expansion valve for optimum coolant injection
    • High and low-pressure pressure switch
    • Water circuit with tank, pump, pump bypass valve
    • Water filling via tank
    • Water circuit piping made from stainless material (iron-free)
    • Water tank made from plastic, heat-insulated
    • Pumps made from bronze or stainless steel
    • Digital controller with target and actual value display
    • Switching and control elements completely wired
    • Automatic power adjustment
    • CE-compliant
    • Refrigeration technology designed according to DIN EN 378, part 2
    • Electronics designed according to DIN EN 60204
    • RoHS and REACH-compliant
    • Outdoor installation
    • Air filer mat
    • Radial fans
    • Split design
    • Water-cooled condenser
    • Low-noise design
    • Refrigeration gauge for high and low-pressure sides
    • Temperature stability ± 0.2 K
    • Cold fluid outlet temperature < +8 °C
    • Overflow valve
    • Fixed bypass
    • Multi-circuit system
    • Heat recovery
    • Flow monitor with analog or digital signal
    • Water filter
    • Gate valves in flow and return
    • Check valves and solenoid valves for the water circuit (consumers higher than coolers)
    • Reinforced pump
    • Tank filling, pressureless, from outside
    • Automatic water replenishment
    • Water temperatures up to 40 °C
    • Tank heating for temperature control
    • Pump switch-off
    • Water circuit made from stainless steel or PVC for deionised water
    • Conductance monitoring
    • Air filter mat monitoring
    • Continuously variable speed regulation of the fans
    • Wire marking
    • External on/off switch
    • Heavy-duty connector (e. g. Harting)
    • 24V AC/DC control voltage
    • Special voltages and frequencies (50/60 Hz)
    • Limit temperature monitoring
    • Differential temperature regulation
    • External temperature sensor
    • Cabinet heating
    • Cabinet fan
    • Bus connection, e. g. Profibus DP
    • Individual fault indicators (in the plain text display or as bit technology)
    • RAL special colours upon request
    • Mobile version (LT Mini / LTK)

    Series type LT mini / LTK / LT Einheit LT Mini 09.5 LTK 1.4 LTK 2.4
    Cooling capacity at water inflow temperature W
    +10 °C 800 1200 1800
    +15 °C 1000 1600 2300
    +20 °C 1050 1800 2400
    Compressor drive W 480 700 990
    Number of fans 1 1 1
    Air capacity m3/h 500 410 410
    Pump capacity l/min 2 18 18
    Pump drive capacity kW 0,15 0,65 0,65
    Pump pressure bar 3,2 3 3
    Connection capacity kW 0,69 1,5 1,8
    Tank contents l 6 30 30
    Water connections DN Inches 1/2 1/2 1/2
    Width (W) mm 443 650 650
    Length (L) mm 555 650 650
    Total height (H) mm 350 550 550
    Weight when empty: about kg 42 80 90

    Series type LT mini / LTK / LT Einheit LTK 3.4 LT 4.5 LC LT 5.5 LC
    Cooling capacity at water inflow temperature W
    +10 °C 2200 3500 4900
    +15 °C 3000 4200 6000
    +20 °C 3200 5100 7200
    Compressor drive W 1090 940 1300
    Number of fans 1 1 1
    Air capacity m3/h 410 2600 2600
    Pump capacity l/min 18 20 20
    Pump drive capacity kW 0,65 0,65 0,65
    Pump pressure bar 3 3 3
    Connection capacity kW 2,1 2,2 2,3
    Tank contents l 30 30 30
    Water connections DN Inches 1/2 1 1
    Width (W) mm 650 600 600
    Length (L) mm 650 600 600
    Total height (H) mm 550 1296 1296
    Weight when empty: about kg 90 110 110

    Series type LT mini / LTK / LT Einheit LT 6.5 LC
    Cooling capacity at water inflow temperature W
    +10 °C 5000
    +15 °C 6500
    +20 °C 7500
    Compressor drive W 1650
    Number of fans 1
    Air capacity m3/h 2600
    Pump capacity l/min 20
    Pump drive capacity kW 0,65
    Pump pressure bar 3
    Connection capacity kW 2,5
    Tank contents l 30
    Water connections DN Inches 1
    Width (W) mm 600
    Length (L) mm 600
    Total height (H) mm 1296
    Weight when empty: about kg 110

    Water temperature range: from +8 °C to +25 °C (other ranges on request).
    Type of cooling: air-cooled with axial fan (water-cooled or with radial fan on request).
    Electrical connection: LT mini, LTK in 230 V/50 Hz, LT 4.5 LC, LT 5.5 LC, LT 6.5 LC in 400 V N PE 50 Hz (other voltages and frequencies on request).
    Designed ambient temperature: +32 °C (higher and lower temperatures on request).
    Application range of the industrial cooler: from +8 °C to + 42 °C ambient temperature (higher and lower temperatures on request).
    Circulation medium: drinking water (according to specification) with a spread of about 5 K between water inlet and outlet (other ranges on request).

    Technical modifications and errors reserved.

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